1st Realty Resources is helmed by Allison and Brian Dubberly. Allison is Partner & Managing Broker and a graduate of the Purvis Real Estate Institute. She has been a full-time agent since 2005, is a fully licensed broker and offers a full-service property management firm. She has 12 years of real estate experience and 8 years of multi-family specialization. Brian Dubberly is Partner & Realtor and oversees the remodeling projects.

We’ve been in business for more than 11 years helping people manage properties and buy or sell real estate, and we’re proud to say we’re among the best there is. Our locally owned and operated family business serves the same area in which we’ve lived ourselves, so we’re familiar with this market both as professionals and as residents.

In addition to our wide range of property management services, we are also a full-service real estate brokerage company. We work with buyers and sellers, and even have a property management division to work with investors and individuals that need property management services on the investments they make. If you’d like more help and less stress, get in touch with us today.